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  • Weekly Reporting with athletes.

  • Expectations and Goal Establishments

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Coaching Options

Swim Analysis:
Swim analysis will include

  •  Video swim analysis of entire stroke mechanics and fundamentals.
  • Mutliple angle views of stroke.
  • Explanation of stroke mechanics and efficiency.
  • 3 specifically designed workouts with drill technique based on analysis

Run Form Analysis: 
Run form analysis will consist of

  • One on One run on treadmill
  • Video capture of run
  • Assessment of form and biomechanics in real time
  • Corrective drills to enhance form
  • Discussion of strength training to help compliment run form


Coaching Packages Contact Us

Pricing varies based on the athletes needs, single or multi-sport and the coach. Pricing starts at $75 per month. Contact us for more info!


Jeremy Brown
Jeremy BrownOwner
Jeremy started his journey in the sport at the notion of wanting a new challenge and immediately fell in love with the trials and rewards of endurance sports.
Brandon Bahlawan
Brandon BahlawanSenior Coach
Brandon officially started coaching in April 2016 and earned his Ironman U Coach’s certification in July of the same year.
Jesse Zavala
Jesse ZavalaPersonal Coach
Jesse was born and raised in Brownsville, TX, where to this day endurance sports is not as popular as it is in other parts of the nation.
Ray Delahoussaye
Ray DelahoussayeDirector of Athlete Relations
Ray has a true passion for the sports of swimming, cycling and running. Giving back to the sport and helping athletes achieve their “impossible”.
Nickie Luse
Nickie LusePersonal Coach
Nickie is a professional triathlete who lives and trains in her hometown of Dayton, OH. Before endurance sports found their way into her life.
Johnathan LeJeune
Johnathan LeJeunePersonal Coach
Johnathan is based in Greenville, SC. He is a professional triathlete who also works as a full time salesmen for Superfeet Worldwide.
Mike Durner
Mike DurnerPersonal Coach
As a coach, I am constantly learning and refining my practice, making time for deliberate practice of coaching. I don’t focus on any one sport, I focus on performance and developing training to help athletes reach their full capacity.
Greta Neimanas
Greta NeimanasPersonal Coach
Following a decade of international competition as a successful para-cyclist,
Neimanas retired due to the combined, and lasting effects of several concussions
sustained throughout her career.