The Rules of Confidence

Confidence No one is born without it, however, different life circumstances and challenges cause us to question it and “misplace” it. I would like to repeat, we are all born with it. We never [...]


The Polar Vortex is starting to subside, the days are getting just a hair longer each day, and well of motivation to be on the trainer or treadmill is getting dry.  What do you do [...]

Be a better swimmer now!

The ability to to swim faster, more efficiently and without feeling like death at the end of each lap is a common goal for all swimmers, especially beginners. Consistency is without a doubt a key [...]

The importance behind why

As coaches, we like to know the process. Our purpose is to bring an athlete from point A to point B, from start line to finish line. The beauty in that seemingly simple goal is [...]

Sometimes, you just have to shake it up

I found myself staring at my bike this morning for what would be my fourth ride of the week.  Due to a laundry list of reasons, the majority of my time these days is spent [...]

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