Joshua DavisMon, Dec 3, 9:06 PM (8 hours ago)
to me
Race week. So this is when I start freaking out that I’m not prepared, I don’t know if I can hit my goals, I feel like I can’t do this; and you reassure me that I’ve put in the work, followed the plan, hay’s in the barn, all that jazz–right? … Right?In all seriousness, I have no idea if I’m going to be able to finish this thing, at least in any way that resembles a “run” (or even a walk). But that is kind of exciting. I can’t remember the last time that I took something on, especially in a public way, where I wasn’t guaranteed at least some safety net of success.I have followed the plan though. Maybe moving a workout here and there, but I haven’t skipped or skimped since I started this. And that in itself is a victory for me right now. I am in probably the busiest, most stressful, and most intense stretch of work that I’ve had over the last several years, and I have still made time to workout and to recover as prescribed. So I can take that away for sure.I suppose I owe you a substantive update as well. I was having some tightness and soreness on longer runs, so we focused on some yoga and stretching this week–that seems to have really helped. The legs felt a little heavy early in the week, but I think I am getting used to the strength training again. I miss my bike–haven’t had time for any “extra” workouts lately–so that’s probably what I am looking forward to the most after this week.

Anyway, thanks for following along. Please send prayers for rest and recovery this week, and for perseverance this weekend.


Well the week is finally here. What was a crazy, semi dangerous yet calculated idea that formed in a coffee shop, is now upon us. This has been a tough test for me as a coach.

The balance was one that could not be taken lightly as someone’s health could be at risk, thus causing much larger implications. The calculated part was knowing that this athlete has a strong running background and while not “training” a lot this year, was physically active. This is a smart athlete that understand the importance of recovery and rest (as much as an attorney can).

This week was about keeping the body moving and functioning without adding much stress overall. At this point, it will be what it will be and trying to squeak out little gains will only cause potential issues.

I am proud of Josh for taking a risk, putting in the work and rising to the challenge. God’s speed my friend, this weekend you get to do some epic shit!

-Coach Jeremy